My name is Danielle. Some of you most probably know me better as If This Bookworm Has Offended.


Allow me to explain why I created a new blog:


I am not a book reviewer. I am not cut out for it at all. The idea of reviewing books makes reading feel more like a chore or a job I'm not getting paid for. Reading for me is an escape. And if I review it burns me out. I suddenly (and always) get to this place of feeling like the last thing I want to do is pick up a book. I mean, sometimes it leaks into turning into a life slump.


So I took a few steps back and realized something: what do I always do even if I'm not planning it? I fan cast. 


I love fan casting. It doesn't matter whether I'm sharing it with people, or even keeping track, I'd say that 99% of books, I have someone pictured for at the very least the two main characters. 


So I decided to reset. So that my Booklikes isn't book reviews that aren't going to continue. (By the way, I was planning on taking a hiatus on my old blog so if you look at my currently reading shelf on my old blog it's like 200 books or something, of all the books I was planning on reading before 2020.)


So this is the new me. Fan casts instead of book reviews. I also edited my Goodreads name and created a new Twitter and Instagram account.


Sorry for any confusion. And I look forward to participating in games and all the other fun stuff that's happening on here.