Sydney's DC Discovery - Jean Fischer

Title: Sydney's DC Discovery
Author: Jean Fischer
Series: Camp Club Girls, 2
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: Sydney and Elizabeth are on-site in the nation’s capital when odd happenings occur at the Vietnam Memorial. The Camp Club Girls jump into action. They use their special skills to tackle an adventure that leads them not only to Baltimore’s Ft. McHenry, but also to the heart of a terrorist travesty! Can they decipher the clues and save the president before the dawn’s early light?


Favourite character: Kate
Least favourite character: Elizabeth


Mini-review: I enjoyed this. There were some things the bugged me, like the reuse of some characters names, while making it realistic also made it confusing. I also love how in kids books they always manage to save the world. Although I'm baffled by how the parents don't care. If my kid saved the world, I'd be in awe.


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