McKenzie's Montana Mystery - Shari Barr

Title: McKenzie's Montana Mystery
Author: Shari Barr
Series: Camp Club Girls, 3
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: N/A 
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: When Bailey and McKenzie arrive to help at a horse ranch in Montana, they’re immediately entrenched in mysteries: a horse disappearing into thin air, spookiness in an abandoned western town, and ranch hand upheaval. And with all the unexpected action going on, how will they ever find time to prepare for their rodeo competitions? Can the Camp Club Girls successfully combine their skills to help Bailey and McKenzie save the ranch…and the rodeo for Sunshine Stables?


Favourite character: Derek
Least favourite character: N/A


Mini-review: I enjoyed this. Bailey's insecurities got on my nerves a tiny bit (oops). But overall the mystery was good. Reminded me a bit of Secret of Shadow Ranch a little bit.


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