Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise - Erica Rodgers

Title: Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise
Author: Erica Rodgers
Series: Camp Club Girls, 4 
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: If dinosaurs are extinct, then why do they seem to come to life each night? When Alexis’ friend, Miss Maria, tries to save her business by importing mechanical dinosaurs to her nature park, Alexis and Kate are instantly on the spot to show their support. But the Camp Club girls are soon embroiled in surprises when they soon have to not only deal with mechanical dinosaurs appearing to have minds of their own, but also the local media, which also seems determined to destroy Miss Maria. Can the girls crack the case and keep Miss Maria’s dreams—and business—alive?


Favourite character: Kate
Least favourite character: Thad


Mini-review: Honestly, this was okay. It was a teeny bit more annoying the second time around, because it somewhat obvious who was doing it and they didn't even consider it, they solved it by coincidence only. Or maybe luck. Or God. Probably God. This wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. And if they had replaced Kate with any other girl they never would've solved it. If you think about it technically she solves every mystery with her gadgets. At least so far. 

Also the cover depicts Alexis as having brown hair and brown eyes but in the book it says that she was brown hair and blue eyes. Why do they do that?


Originally published on If This Bookworm Has Offended