Elizabeth's Amarillo Adventure - Renae Brumbaugh

Title: Elizabeth's Amarillo Adventure

Author: Renae Brumbaugh

Series: Camp Club Girls, 7

Format: ebook, bind-up

Length: N/A

Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: Whether it's finding missing millionaires or rescuing sea lions, you'll love the adventure, as the Camp Club Girls pitch in their personal skills to solve mysteries and save the day!


Favourite character: Jean Louise

Least favourite character: Elizabeth


Mini-review: There were so many mistakes in this book. Alexis has Bailey's personality bubbly starstruck-Hollywood personality when she's a cheerleader who wants to be a journalist. There are two separate characters in this series named Megan Smith (the first one is in Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise). There was a possible mix-up (otherwise it's just a badly explained series) where one of the characters has a grandmother with neither her dad's last name or the name her unmarried aunt has. Just little things like that.