Fantastic Four Vol. 1: The Fall of the Fantastic Four - James Robinson, Leonard Kirk

Title: Fantastic Four Vol. 1: The Fall of the Fantastic Four

Author: James Robinson

Illustrator: Leonard Kirk

Series: Fantastic Four (2014)

Format: ebook

Length: N/A

Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: As the Fantastic Four embark on a strange mission, they aren't met beginnings, but an end! Marvel's first family heads towards their darkest hour, who is behind their downfall? Manhattan is under attack from a corrupted universe, to defeat it; the Human Torch must make a terrible sacrifice! With one member down, a new menace emerges: the Wrecking Crew, their powers elevated! As Ben and Alicia's romance rekindles, threats of Fin Fang Foom, the Wizard and Puppet Master Loom, the Baxter Building quarantined, and the Fantastic Four are held accountable!


Favourite character: N/A

Least favourite character: N/A


Mini-review: This was my first comic that was Fantastic Four central and I honestly was so confused. I know the basis of their origins (I've seen two of the three movies) but I've never read about them. I've never been much of a fan, I've always preferred Avengers or the X-Men. And I still hold to that, even though it was nice to see heroes brought to justice for some of their actions.