Title: A Christmas Carol

Release Date: December 5, 1999

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Dominic West, Ian McNeice

Length: 1h 35min

Rating: PG


Favourite characters: the Ghosts

Crush: Bob Cratchit

Least favourite character: N/A


Mini-review: I don't know if it's the fact that it was made in the 90s (no hate, just being honest) or if it's because a Hallmark movie, or if it's because it's a 90s Hallmark movie, but I found this almost awkward. Not the CGI ghosts or anything, that actually seemed okay for it's time. It was the acting. Actors who are normally AMAZING like Patrick Stewart and Richard E. Grant, felt like they were giving half-hearted performances. Don't get me wrong, they were good, they just felt weak. Like I know that Cratchit is supposed to be a gentle and quiet kind of dude, but he felt too quiet and gentle. Ian McNeice was fantastic, he always is.