The Advent Bride - Mary Connealy

Title: The Advent Bride
Author: Mary Connealy
Series: The 12 Brides of Christmas, 1
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: 51 pages

Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: Melanie Douglas attempts to connect with a troubled student using an advent box with hidden rewards. When Henry O’Keeffe sees a remarkable change in his son, he has to meet the new teacher. Will more than one prayer be answered in the small Nebraska town?


Favourite character: Melanie 
Least favourite character: Magda Rathbone


Mini-review: Oh my goodness, Mrs. Rathbone ruined this novella for me. It would've been so much better if she had either been removed or toned down by about ten, and stopped the accusations and demands. Other than that I enjoyed it. I liked the ending, but would've liked Simon's take more than "marry us we love you."